Commission a love spoon

To design and carve a lovespoon to your own requirements  I will need to know two things. Firstly, what would you like on the spoon? Traditional decoration includes bells, hearts and knots etc  which all have their own meanings. I am also very happy to consider something unique and personal to you to make the spoon a complete one off. Very few things are impossible, for instance,  I have been asked to carve  anything from national flowers and unique symbols to very personal things such as a Harley Davidson or an octopus which had very personal meanings to the recipients. Ideally there should be at least 4 things and not more than 6, although sometimes I have gone up to seven or eight.

I will also need to know how much you wish to spend so I can design a spoon to suit your budget, making it as simple or intricate as money allows. Some things will naturally be more expensive than others but as a rough guide my commissions start at £80 and go up to several  hundreds with the average being around £150 - £250.

All my spoons are carved out of British Lime wood which starts of pale and will, over time, naturally change to a lovely warm mid-brown colour. My usual length for a spoon is around 11 inches (27cm) long. I can make them larger which would be reflected in the cost.

Once I know what you want, I will create a design and email it to you for approval. Once you are happy with the design I ask you for full payment and then carve the spoon. Ideally I like 6 - 8 weeks for love spoon commissions, although, if you need it sooner I can usually get it carved in time.

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