What is a love spoon?

The love spoon dates back to the seventeenth century when intricately carved wooden spoons began to be given as tokens of affection in Wales. Traditionally carved by a man for his sweetheart these spoons have many different meanings such as a chain meaning a wish to be together forever; a diamond means good fortune; a cross for faith; a flower for affection; a dragon for protection etc.

I carve lovespoons in many different designs. Unlike some contempory carvers who use tropical hardwoods such as mahogany, all my spoons are carved from lime, a traditional indigenous wood used by British woodcarvers for many centuries. It is a light coloured wood that will darken with age. All my spoons are finished to a very high standard. 

I specialise in carving individual commissions 

Many people want to have a spoon carved to their unique requirements. To request a commission please phone me on 07761596616 or write to Adam King, 43 Melbourne Road, High Wycombe, HP137HE or email me for inquiries. You can see examples in my commissioned spoons gallery.